Geelong Helicopters prides itself on excellence in safety as well as service. SAFETY is paramount in our business. Because of this we ask you to read the following helicopter safety information.

Only approach and exit from the front
Only approach and exit the helicopter from the front and in full view of the pilot, staying as low as comfortable, never go to the rear of the helicopter towards the hot exhaust and tail rotor

Do not raise your hands above your head
We do not raise our hands above our heads and all loose items such as hats and scarfs must be removed or secured before approaching the helicopter. Storage is available under the seat but for small items they can be placed at your feet. The ground crew will assist and help you carry small children to the helicopter. Always keep the child's head at your shoulder height.

Enter between the helicopter and floats
You will enter the helicopter by walking between the helicopter floats and the aircraft. Do not stand on the floats as your enter or exit.

Seat belts must be fastened at all times
Seat belts need to be fastened at all times in the helicopter. To open, lift up the cover/face plate.

The door is your emergency exit
Everyone in the helicopter has a door, this is your emergency exit. To open you need to lift the latch/handle and slide the latch/handle forward. Be careful not to slam or let the wind catch the doors when opening.

Life jackets must be worn at all times
Life jackets must be worn by all passengers on flights over water. The life jacket will be fitted around your waist before flight. In the unlikely event that we will need to land on water, everyone will be required to put on their life jacket after landing as a precaution. To put on your life jacket you need to remove and head gear (headsets), undo your seat belt and pull in a jerk motion, lift the orange tag up over your head, two red inflation tabs will now be visible. Only pull these two red inflation tabs OUTSIDE the aircraft. Life jackets also have a whistle, light and two manual inflation tubes.

Do no throw any object from the helicopter
Never throw objects from the helicopter and keep your hands inside the helicopter at all times.

A First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher and ELT with GPS are on board for your safety.

No smoking on or within 15m of the helicopter at anytime (or within fenced area)

Never touch any flight controls & switches

After your flight, please remain seated until instructed to leave the aircraft by the pilot or ground crew.

Helicopter Saftey Diagram

WARNING: Stay away from the rear of the helicopter at all times