Aerial Photography

Looking for a different perspective on your property, business, or event?

Aerial photography offers a unique view, giving depth and detail not available from ground based photography.

A helicopter provides the most flexible and stable platform available for getting amazing aerial photo's and video's. With our ability to hover, fly backwards, sideways and at very low speeds it gives you the freedom to get the exact shots you require.

One of our experienced pilots will talk you through the flight before taking off so we can make sure you get the exact shots you want and in the quickest time possible.

Aerial photography and video can be used for:

  • Commercial property sales
  • Residential property sales
  • Rural property sales
  • Construction progress reports
  • Proposed development applications and promotions
  • Advertising
  • Special events and gatherings
  • Adventure sports like surfing or jet boating
  • Landscape information
  • News media

'Take your own photos' package

If your a keen photographer and are looking to get a new perspective on things we can give you a platform to create some truly unique photos.

Prices starting from $150 depending on the exact location of your subject. Call us on 0422 51 51 51 or Email us to receive a quote.

We use and recommend:

Peter Redmond
Geelong Real Estate Photography

Katrina Lawrence


Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography